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Frequently asked Questions

Q. Do I need to create a account to login and place orders

A. No - To place a order there is  no need to set up an online account. If however, you do set up an account,  it will enable you to track your order and view your order history.  You will also be informed of any special offers we may have from time to time, and discounts may be available for certain products.

Q. Are online payments secure?

A. Yes - they are secure. We use encryption method whereby, you are directed to secure part of the site. All data entered here is absolutely safe.

Q. If I want to pay you by cheque, where do I send my cheque to?

A. Please send your cheque, payable to CORINEX LIMITED, to:

Alexanders of London
A Division of Corinex Limited
43 Daws Lane
London NW7 4SD

Please note that the order processing will not commence until the cheque has been received by us.

Q. Can I pay by bank transfer (BACS)?

A. Send us an email and we will provide you with our details to make a direct BACS payment.

Q. I ordered a custom colour, but the colour received is not what I expected - what can I do?

A. The colours can be only as accurate as the web site is able to portray - due to limitations in screen technology. We have a good track record to get the custom colours  as per buyer's expectations. In cases where the colour is critical, for example, you are trying to co-ordinate with other garments, we suggest, during the order process, enter  a custom colour name as shown in the chart and during the payment process a box will appear where you can give additional information about the colour and send to us by post a paper cutting, fabric swatch or plastic wrapper showing the colour you want to match. We will not be able to get 100% match but will get for you a near match. You can also request a fabric colour chart from us before placing an order. This will be posted to you without any charge.

Q. It is very cumbersome to input measurement values for repeat orders. Is there a simple way to enter this data ?

A. We store all measurement data of previous orders. To avoid cumbersome input of measurement values, please login to your account. If you did not create an account when you previously ordered, this can be done retrospectively using the email id  as user name. All orders are stored against email ids.  Once you have logged in to your account, there is a REORDER button to place a repeat order.

Q. Inseam / Inside leg Length - How relevant is this measurement?

A. To make Inseam / inside leg measurement accurate, a customer needs to know the FIT of the jeans / trousers. Different FITS will  have different inseams for the same size. Thus a size 40 worn on the hips will have a lower inseam compared to a size 40 worn on the actual waist assuming both fits touch the heels. The front rise and back rise will also have implications on the actual inseam. For example jeans/trousers worn on the waist but with long rises, will have longer  inseam compared to the style with low rises. While we continue to offer different inseams, occasionally, a customer will have problems unless he knows the FIT well. In case of Made to Measure garments, we do not request a inseam measurement. Instead we ask for outseam (outside length)- the logic being the customer knows where he wants to wear the trousers - waist, hips or any other point and therefore the inseam will be automatically determined by this measurement.

We get instances where a customer has  asked for "Custom leg length"  and  while the actual leg length supplied is correct , it feels as if it is longer due the fact that front and back rises are not taken into account during ordering Custom Leg Length.

Download our measuring guide here. This will provide you with more information on how to take your own measurements. All of our styles have a tab for sizes, which give the key measurements including rise.

Q. Fabric swatches - Can I request fabric colour swatches before placing a order online?

A. Please send us email or a message us here and request fabric swatches card for corduroy or chino fabrics. These will be posted to you free of any cost. We regret we currently do not offer fabric swatches for denim fabrics.

 Q. Customisation Charge - Why is there a customisation charge when custom options are charged separately?

A. Irrespective of size or nature of a custom option, a custom product is not part of a bulk production line. It is treated as a special item, patterned, stitched, washed, finished and shipped separately from the bulk production. Customisation charge contributes towards the associated costs.

Q. Do you have a shop in London where I can view the products and/or try the products?

A. We sell online only. Our offices in London are administrative offices and have no facility for a customer to try on the products.

Q. Do you sell to European or American markets where the prevailing models/fits may be different to that in UK?

A. We sell to all countries in the world where it is legal to sell. Different countries would have different model/fits. The buyer has an option to go for Made to Measure or Cloning features of the website if a different fit is critical.

Q. Do you do alterations to garments purchased from your online store?

A. We do not do provide an alterations service.

Q. How do I know a custom or made to measure garment will fit me?

A. As well as providing you with detailed information on how to take accurate measurements in our measuring guide here, we also provide a test-fit service. For a small fee, we'll make your garment in pocket lining fabric, without any trimmings or accessories.

This allows you to try the garment on for size, so you can ensure the right fit for any customised or made to measure clothing items that you order from us.

Alternatively, we can, for a small surcharge, take your measurements from an existing garment that you own. Simply send us the item you'd like us to match the measurements of, and we'll do the rest, returning the item along with your order.

Test-fit and our Measuring for Fit services are available on selected products, and carry an additional charge.

Q. How do I take measurements for a made to measure order?

A. We provide a detailed measuring guide which you can download here. If you are unsure about taking your own measurements, we can measure an existing item of clothing for you and take your measurements from that.

This is called Measure for Fit and if this option is available, you'll see an option in the product description for you to select. Test-fit and our Measuring for Fit services are available on selected products, and carry an additional charge.

Q. How long will it take to deliver a made to measure item to me?

A. All made to measure and custom garments are made from scratch – we don't simply alter an existing garment. Because our made to measure and custom clothing is bespoke, you will need to allow extra time for your items to be made and delivered. Made to measure and custom clothing usually takes between 10-14 days to be dispatched. You can find out more about our delivery policy here.

If your question is not answered on this page, please get in touch with us and we will assist you further.