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Loyalty Points Scheme

Customers will be given a number of points based upon the value of items that are purchased. A customer needs to be logged in for points to be accurately added to their account, so please make sure you log in before making any purchases to ensure that you will be assigned points. Orders placed when you are not logged in will not be assigned points and retrospective assignment of points will not be possible if orders are placed without being logged in.

Points are awarded on the total value of the cart less any discounts which have been applied. They are also independent of shipping and handling. The points can be redeemed on subsequent orders or saved up for larger purchases.

Earn Points As You Spend!

Your points value is shown in the order notification and customer account page.

For each £1 of net purchase - 100 points are awarded

Thus, for £50 purchase - 5000 points are awarded.

To work out the monetary value of points, apply 5 percent to the total points. Thus, 5000 points x 5% = 250 pence = £2.50

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