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Manufacturer Alexanders of London

Clone a Jean

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What is cloning ?

Cloning is the asexual production of an exact copy of an original.  (asexual  - denoting reproduction that does not involve sex )

Do you have a pair of jeans - Denim or Corduroy -  you really like and can't find another like them? Let Alexanders of  London help!

While exact match may not be possible, we will give you a near match.



We will clone any pair of jeans, at a fixed price, subject to some limitations :


1. In case of Denim, we will use a fabric very similar in weight, weave and colour.


2. Waist size of above 44 inches and up to 60 inches - Add £7.


The patterns and fit details will be stored by us for  your future orders.


The new pair of jeans together with the original pair will be  sent to you on completion of the order.




Cloning a pair of jeans is at a fixed price £130, subject to following surcharges, if applicable.

Send us your favourite pair of jeans no matter how old or worn. We will acknowledge receipt and prepare a fit profile and unique patterns. Our address for sending your pair of jeans is shown under the heading "Contact Us" - see tabs on the left hand side of the screen. Please ensure you attach a piece of paper somewhere on the jeans giving the order number generated by the system during the payment process and also your name and address.

1. Waist size of above 44 inches and up to 60 inches - Add £7.

2. Embroidery - Maximum 2inch x 2inch - Add £5 and for maximum 6 inch x 6inch - - Add £8 ( we will not do any copyrighted embroidery). There is  a facility to upload embroidery sketches/images at the the time of payment process.

Should you need to add some notes, e.g. increase waist by 1 inch, a Remarks box will be available for you to enter additional information at the time of checking out. Should you require more information, please send us a email and request for our technical people to talk to you.


Delivery is normally within 14 days from the receipt by us of the original to be cloned. However this period can be further extended by 7 days if the required fabric is difficult to obtain or there are intricate processes involved in finishing the garment.


If our measurements, styling or fit differ from what you submitted, within reasonable tollerances, we will replace the garment with  a new one absolutely free of charge on return of the old garment  for us to check.


As these garments are either custom made or customised as mentioned above,  specially for you,  we do not provide any refunds.


Please note that the washed denims by their characteristics, may vary marginally from the measurements you have given but will come back to the correct measurements after wear.



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- 06/07/2022
I’ve just received a cloned Jean and the resultsread more
Signed for.
- 01/07/2021
Highly delighted.