Trend Alert – Florals For Men 2014

One of the big trends to look out for this year in terms of menswear, comes hot from the catwalk. Of course not everything that the big designers show of in Paris, Milan and London survives outside of the catwalk, but there is one trend that looks set to be hot on the high street this summer, and that’s florals.

Is floral print too feminine?

Gender stereotypes limit creative vision, and trust me when I say that a shirt adorned with flowers, looks much better than a shirt covered in spanners, rugby balls, car engines or indeed any other similar overtly male-associated imagery!


Whilst floral prints may be a push too far for the average man, who really want’s to be an average man?

Some men feel that floral patterns are too loud, others may feel they are too girly, but rest assured, this summer is going to be heralding in the trend for bold florals. Think of a classic Hawaiian shirt, then imagine one designed with more taste and you’re there.


How to wear floral

When people think of florals, they tend to immediately think of pinks, pastels or bright hues that men might instinctively shy away from, but there are some great ways to get in on the floral trend, without needing to step too far out of your comfort zone.

Floral doesn’t have to be bright and garish and there are some great examples of shirts featuring super subtle flower designs in understated hues. The key thing to remember when you go floral, particularly if you choose a floral shirt, is to choose a matching or contrasting coloured plain trouser to pair with it.

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Gentlemen – its time to take a brave step towards individualism! Thinking of going floral? Head on over to our Pinterest board to see are our pick of some of the best floral menswear pieces available online and on the high street.